Learn. Teach.

Share your experience and help our communities be secure.

GiveSec propagates cybersecurity education and best practices by:

Individuals, including students, wishing to enter or transition to the cybersecurity field can utilize the GiveSec community and its resources to work on meaningful projects.

Projects of their choice not only help their new careers, but the community at large: their schools, neighborhoods and associated organizations.

Management or staff, technical or otherwise, can learn basic but powerful cybersecurity concepts and practices, later sharing them within their organizations and associations to help protect their endeavors.

Projects aimed at nonprofits usually involve user education and awareness, but aren't necessarily limited to non-technical topics.

Cybersecurity affects information technologists from software testers and developers to network administrators, so we aim to provide guidance in each field and certainly encourage IT professionals to learn about cybersecurity as it pertains to their field.

As such, IT projects may involve offensive network/software practices paired with defensive strategies to protect each applicable layer.

Willing to guide and learn alongside their mentees, established cybersecurity professionals manage and facilitate their projects. Mentorship streamlines learning, progress and quality, benefiting all involved.

At a minimum, mentors check in weekly with everyone under their counsel, offering assistance as needed and managing related projects.

Volunteer events can be as simple as delivering a presentation on Internet safety to local parents or as involved as carrying out a security review for a local small business or non-profit.

Such events allow us to raise security awareness for everyone around us. If you have an idea or would like to suggest our participation in a volunteer event, don't hesitate to contact us!